Building a TAVR Program

What we do... in 30 seconds

Clinical Integration Solutions merges safety, quality and cost to produce a value-based healthcare system. Specifically, 

  • We design healthcare systems to be dependent on an integrated team using standardized operating procedures rather than a group of individuals. 

  • We design healthcare systems so that if they do fail, they FAIL SAFELY. ​


  • We design healthcare systems to learn from its mistakes. ​

Project Management for System Reliability

Featured Services

  • Clinical System Safety Analysis
  • Clinical System Safety Engineering
  • Safety and Quality Management System Design
  • Error Reporting Program
  • Clinical Care Threat and Error Management
  • Safety Culture Change Management

Why do we do this? Because...

  • Healthcare systems are currently fragmented, siloed, overlapping and dependent on individual technique and talent versus relying on a clinically integrated team. 

  • Healthcare systems are not designed to FAILSAFE. 

  • Safety in the healthcare is reactive and not value-based. 

  • Quality is focused on easy-to-measure outcomes (box scores) rather than the caliber of care that is actually delivered to the patient. 

  • Cost of healthcare systems are not clearly understood. 

  • All of the above results in a lack of "operational control" and that severely degrades reliability. 

Patient Safety Blog

Visit our Patient Safety by Design Blog to view or discuss important, innovative patient safety design, implementation, and management strategies.​

a blueprint for safe, value-based healthcare

How do we accomplish this?

  • We use a process called System Safety.

  • Our design focus centers on the "day in the life of a patient."

  • We train the way we work and we work the way we train.